Here are some of the services that Dirigo can provide.

EPA Certification for:

  • Wood Stoves
  • Fireplace Inserts
  • Pellet Stoves
  • Indoor and Outdoor Hydronic Heaters
  • Masonry and Low Mass Fireplaces
  • Wood Fired Forced Air Furnaces

Consulting Services:

  • Test standard development
  • State and local air quality issues
  • Product development services for biomass products
  • R&D services for firelogs, and biomass fuels

Supporting The Hearth Industry


Dirigo Laboratories, Inc. supports the hearth products industry by offering consulting services* to help navigate the complex and ever changing regulations. 

*- Dirigo Laboratories does not provide consulting, product development or design services to those products that are part of our certification scheme.

Consumer Product Development


Dirigo Laboratories has partnered with both James Houck, Ph.D. as well as Lyrik Pitzman of Peak Combustion to provide product development services in the areas of fuel logs and other novel products related to the hearth products industry. 

Click here for links to Dr. Houck's publications in Hearth & Home Magazine.