About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at Dirigo is to deliver quality, cost-effective certification testing,  that allows manufacturers to bring their products to the market quickly and efficiently.

Dirigo Laboratories, Inc. was started in November of 2010 with the express intent to become one of the leading EPA testing laboratories dedicated to the hearths products industry. In February of 2011 we achieved that goal and began offering quality, cost effective testing services.

Our People

John Steinert is president of Dirigo and has been involved in the hearth products industry for over 13 years and has a strong background in EPA, ASTM, CSA and UL test standards as well as sales, marketing, consulting and  government regulations. John is currently or has served on various committees to help further the development of new test standards for hearth products and appliances.

Doug Towne is our Q/A manager and he keeps us in-line when it comes to satisfying all of our ISO and EPA requirements.   Doug's background in EPA  test methods and source testing make him a perfect fit to manage our Quality Assurance Plan.



Dirigo Laboratories is a third-party, EPA accredited emissions testing laboratory in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area providing testing, validation and consulting for manufacturers in the hearth products industry.

At Dirigo, we understand the importance of delivering high quality and reliable test results that will stand the scrutiny of federal regulators. We are committed to providing the highest quality testing services in the industry. We can work within your schedule to bring your appliances to market quickly and efficiently. With a combined experience of over 30 years in the hearth products industry, the Dirigo team is able to help manufacturers confidently navigate the product certification process and stay current with stringent EPA guidelines.